Dale's Roofing and Repair, LLC. is not only a roof repair contractor...  Roofing, siding, and exterior paint on both residential and commercial properties are our specialties!  Cut out the middle man - we're family owned and operated!  We service Crosby, Baytown, Kingwood, Houston, and many surrounding areas, check out our about page to see more locations!

What's next?

Getting a new roof or repair done soon?  Not all contractors are up front about what to expect.

What we OFFER:

  • YES!!! We do Small Roofing Repairs!

  • Residential Properties

  • Commercial Properties

  • Roofing

  • Permanent Roofing Crews

  • We only use the best materials

  • Warranties on Labor and Manufacturer's Supplies

  • Fully-consultative approach

  • Best Customer Service


Do you have spots on your roof you've tried to repair that look like this??

Call Dale's Roofing today for a FREE ESTIMATE!! We do Residential and Commercial!!

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Dale's Roofing and Repair

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Does your roof look like this?

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